Are you stuck?

  • Using "old school" marketing
  • Using inefficient marketing methods
  • Missing technology resources for marketing
  • Dependent on an individual who knows your platform
  • Lacking clean data or analysis
  • Needing leadership support in digital transformation
  • Wanting to test and learn more

Managed Marketing Transformation (MMT): It's What We Do

At its simplest formulation, Managed Marketing Transformation (MMT) is a series of initiatives that allow a change agent to continuously modernize marketing. It's more than using digital technologies and methods; it's a change in the organization's approach to connecting technologies and people, and informing leadership about the skills and tools required for continuous improvement.

our proprietary approach

The Electron Shop Vision


After a decade of perfecting these initiatives, we've developed a step-by-step approach to marketing transformation. You can enter at any point, and for each area, we've developed a set of tools, guides and diagnostics.

Surprise! Our goal is an engagement with us that shrinks over time until you are completely independent with a high-functioning team under your roof. The end is our exit.

the marketing
transformation process

Stage One:

Board Buy-In Planning Data
Provide strategy, rationale and roadmap to for vision Assess the current situation and map it to more modern, digital methods Analyze, clean and update existing customer and prospect data
Develop and support change agents Develop marketing strategy and underlying programs Assess and analyze existing performance data

Stage Two:

Technology People Process
Specify technical architecture required for seamless interoperability Specify roles, responsibilities, job descriptions Establish internal workflows, processes and associated tools
Implement and integrate technologies Assess current staff and trajectories; plan for future Co-create and collaborate

Stage Three:

Creation & Execution Optimization Friends as Before
Lead by example in first period of implemented programs Ensure all systems are performing and templated Gracefully hand off to internal team
Co-create and collaborate Set benchmarks and calibrate for peak performance Exit through the gift shop

The Four Pillars of MMT

Here are the four major pillars of our MMT process. These pillars represent the outcomes we provide:

  • Value: We create business value and improve customer experience.
  • Workplace: We build a workplace of continuous adaptation, learning, and improvement for the individual and the company.
  • Technology: We recommend, RFP and implement the connected marketing technologies required to deliver continuous improvement in customer experience and engagement.
  • People: We assess the current situation, infusing new skills and leadership competencies for both managers and specialists. We deliver the organizational design and processes required to manage technologies and methods that support a state of ongoing change.
The Electron Shop - Vision
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