Consulting and Leadership

Our group of seasoned consultants drive MMT from the C-level. Each of us has run large groups or companies and can offer the wisdom that comes from the experience of a high vantage point.

Below is an illustration of typical consulting deliverables and services.

  • Provide interim or ongoing C-level leadership
  • Create multi-year roadmaps
  • Map marketing strategy
  • Build marketing technology stack
  • Integrate and validate technology architecture
  • Design the organization
  • Calibrate workflow and transparency

Programs and Execution

We can lead and we can implement — it's up to you. No matter what, we won’t implement without clear objectives, messaging and strategic approach.

Many clients want us to show them the way. We call it leading by example. For them, we have a complete offering staffed by the best in the business.

  • Digital marketing leadership
  • Program, initiative and campaign construction and concepts
  • Database analysis and hygiene
  • Systems implementation and integration
  • Award-winning execution
    • Creative
    • Development and engineering
    • User experience and visual design
    • Content and social media
    • Digital media planning and buying
    • Data, reporting and analytics
The Electron Shop - Services


These are our non-silos. We can't wait to tell you how we manage all of these into harmony.

The Electron Shop - Services
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