We founded The Electron Shop in 2013 after reading research stating that 78% of employees, including the C-suite, felt that their company was too far behind the digital maturation curve to catch up without help. We dedicate ourselves every day to helping clients take advantage of digital efficiencies and become more competitive marketers.


David Burk, CEO

David Burk is an energizer. Companies and groups David has founded have garnered recognition for product, service, business and cultural excellence. He was honored as one of the top 100 most inspirational graduates in the 75-year history of the UCLA Anderson School of Business.

Our proudest moments are when clients "graduate". When we help them build fully functional, in-house digital marketing departments.

- David Burk

Lee Springer, CTO

Lee Springer is a seasoned digital marketing veteran with 20 years of experience in software development, network design, technical architecture, management of engineering teams, and overall project management. Lee has logged over 100 successful web application launches.

A successful marketing technology stack is always learning, flexible, and capable of responding to rapidly changing needs.

- Lee Springer

Tamara Osheroff, SVP, Strategy and Planning

Tamara Osheroff is a true Electron — she never stops moving. An expert in developing data-driven relationship strategies, she has shaped more than a dozen national customer engagement programs across her 20+ years in the marketing industry.

The more you focus on understanding customer behavior, the more adept you become at developing lasting customer relationships.

- Tamara Osheroff

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